To be regarded as a respectable, dependable and responsible manufacturing company where attention to detail, compliance with International Standards are not just met, but exceeded.

To become the benchmark for all Cambodian companies and a model of how a commercial enterprise can create real positive change and have a positive impact on society in general.

FAIR TO OUR PEOPLE : To treat every member of staff with respect, dignity and integrity regardless of position or disability. To provide all employees with an opportunity to earn a fair living for an fair day's work.

A FAIR EMPLOYER : To become the single largest employer of people with disabilities in Cambodia and to promote the skills and work of disabled workers where possible.

FAIR PRODUCTS : To become the world leader in pet treats and products, what we do, we do better than anyone else.

FAIR TO OUR CUSTOMERS : To be known for our honesty, integrity and reliability. We will stand behind the commitments we make, and the products we sell.

FAIR TO THE ENVIRONMENT : To minimize our impact on the environment and actively reduce any waste involved in the manufacturing process.

FAIR TO OUR SHAREHOLDERS : To prove that being a social responsible employer and company, can also be profitable.